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Vegan Variety

All our wines are Vegan and Organic but Jane our founder (being Veggie herself) has hand selected this case that represents the scents, flavours and colours from all corners of Spain. Brimming with passion and elegance, they are a great reflection of Spain’s character and spirit and not to heavy so that you can enjoy with Vegan food. Whatsmore ... Jane has included some food recommendations and tasting notes so its a oerfect Gift!

This case contains two whites from the same bodega in Rueda (the region of Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo in Spain) with beautiful fresh aromas of citrus and pineapple. Recommended with any fish dish especially seabass.

The reds are a varied affair and of course we've included our famous Santalba Rioja Reserva matched perfecty with Sunday lunch and the best fillet steak. With the warmer weather we have loved esay drinking reds like Monfil garnacha and Goru monastrell always described as a biggest fruit bomb. And finally Habla de Silencio translating as 'needs no words' from unique region Extremadura.


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