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We’re passionate about Spanish wines. Always have been. Always will be. And our biggest joy (apart from the wines themselves) is sharing our love of Spain’s wonderfully rich, diverse and eclectic wines. We champion ORGANIC, VEGAN independent, family-run wine makers. Bringing you hidden gems you’ll never find in your supermarket. Min order case of 6 wines



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Red Wine

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Rose Wine

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Dessert Wine & Sherry

Like all good vintages, it started many years ago. Back in 2002, founder and wine-buff Jane ditched her marketing director job and started a Spanish restaurant with her mum Frances and renowned wine importer, Manuel Evuna. The restaurant specialised in importing world class, award-winning wines. And it was Jane’s job to find them. Eager to build her knowledge, first hand, she moved to a vineyard in La Mancha, central Spain. Living and breathing the traditions and values that make these wines so unique.

Over the years the restaurants grew to four across the Manchester area. And as well as personally selecting over 6,000 bottles a months, Jane kept returning to Spain to finely tune her palette and uncover new vineyards and new amazing wines. And now, Evuna’s famous wine list is available to you at home. Our choice of exclusive, hand-picked, premium quality wines from independent, boutique vineyards are now available for home delivery. So it’s never been easier to discover the wines we love so much.

Have a question email Jane at and remember all our wines are VEGAN and made using ORGANIC methods